The Perfect Fix…For A Natural-Haired Beauty…

Whenever In Doubt…Rock The ‘Curly Fro’

I Can Make Anything Hit Picture Session Five                                                                                      Brown Truth Natural Hair Moment #2:

…little did I know that 22 months ago, the experience with my hair and the discovery of a new found freedom would change my life. I know-though few like to admit it-that we as Black women have some fears about how we may look with our natural hair…some of us have never even seen it before, outside of the occasional childhood pre-relaxer picture.

There’s nothing wrong with wondering how you may look or how you may adjust to having natural hair…it’s a part of life…change that is…and we all…at some point or another have some type of fear of the unknown…in this cause…the realm of the ‘hair unknown’…this is perfectly okay…in fact…I have found in my own experience…the more afraid you are…the more your new found love for being a returned natural starts to teach you about the things you’ve overlooked your whole entire life.

So, my message for today…or my Brown Truth Natural Hair Moment #2:

Whenever in doubt…rock the ‘curly fro’…you’ll never go wrong…just a little wild…and exotic…

-The Brown Truth


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