The Perfect Fix…For A Natural-Haired Beauty…

…Why Does My Healthy Natural Hair Look So Dry At The Roots…?!


                                                                           Brown Truth Natural Hair Moment #4:

Just as I was getting dressed for work the other day and was untwisting my medium-sized twists, I noticed that my roots were looking dry compared to the rest of my twisted hair. ***OOOOOO*** is the bustled look I had on my face after this sudden realization…and of course I started to internally panic.

I thought, …why does my healthy natural hair look so dry at the roots?…Immediately I reassured myself that this assumption is indeed NOT the case.

Since then, I often wondered how many other naturals with a similar hair type have unnecessarily panicked themselves based on this visual assumption while styling their hair. I guess I could assume that there are many…especially since ‘we’ tend to be the minority-‘we’ is referring to the minority of natural-haired sisters with majority 4A curls and a little bit of other curl patterns as well.

Though I am not ‘live by the bible type’ when it comes to hair typing, I do acknowledge that there is a certain tightly coily curl pattern that runs throughout my head: not quite 100% 3C and barely enough to rate as Zzzz’s (or zigzagish-4b)…a little bit of almost and practically straight-wavy curls (I had to learn this one the hard way because when I did my Big Chop, I cut off an extra 2 inches in these sections as a result of thinking that I still had relaxed ends because it was practically straight-wavy strands, it turned out being those sections of my hair that are literally 3B apart from the rest!)…I listed all of this to say that I am one of the few who have more than four different curl patterns in my hair…and it’s not up for debate…I style my hair daily/weekly and know exactly how it looks when wet. The range is from 3B-3C-4A-4B all in certain and mixed sections.

I also contribute these differences to the different rates of growth on my head. Those sections that are mainly loose curls/wavy curls (in the back) I have estimated to grow twice as fast as the other two patterns in the front, because they are literally two inches longer than the front sections.

…And yes, I have already tried cutting the back so that it could be even a few months ago, and it is already as suspected…two inches ahead of the growth game yet again (LOL)!

Well…back to the regularly scheduled program…I came to the conclusion that since my hair is extremely healthy, growing exponentially faster than the normal hair growth average, gets deep conditioned weekly, hot oil treatments biweekly, moisturized daily, trimmed every four months, and just receives all of the love and sweetness care that it can from me…there can only be ONE explanation:

This is just the way my hair looks. Simple. No worries.

What was the whole point of this discussion?

This is for my natural-haired sisters who share similar apprehensions about whether they are doing enough for their hair and if it is healthy. Because of the listed efforts I do for my hair on a regular, I know for a fact that my hair is okay and is at it’s prime. And…if you fall into this same category where the majority of your hair is tightly curled or otherwise known as 4A hair, then please, sit back…relax…, no….let me take that back….because we are mainly 4a’s we know that we can’t just sit back…I think it’s the MOST time-consuming natural hair curl pattern to have!!! However, you get my drift…just drop the worries and more spoiling those curlies!!!

Until next time…

-The Brown Truth


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