The Perfect Fix…For A Natural-Haired Beauty…

“Surfacing Natural Hair Pet Peeves…”

                           —I Am Not Even Going To Try To Understand It Anymore—

I sometimes find myself quietly annoyed at naturals/nonnaturals who constantly stop me or directly ask me how I have gotten my hair to be so healthy, thick, and so lusciously long.

I tell them: “I haven’t put heat on my hair for over two years”…”I haven’t put chemicals in my hair for over two years”…”I haven’t put color into my hair CHEMICALLY-BASED or NATURALLY-BASED for over two years”…”I do not do any style where I have to touch, slick, pull, or handle my edges constantly”…”I use a spray bottle to spritz a concoction made with conditioner, oils, and water every morning and night over my hair”…”I cover my hair nightly or whenever I lay down with satin or silk”…”I wear my hair in protective styles as much as I wear it out”…”I deep condition often”…”I trim only when my hair tells me ‘she’ needs a trim”…

Shall I go on?

Then, unsurprisingly after a few days, weeks or months…they come back and say, “Well what are you doing to that beautiful hair…or an update: “Oh, I haven’t started that regimen yet” or “I really need to try it” or “You know what, it’s not going to matter because you’ve always had long hair and it’s all genetic”…






-The Brown Truth




9 responses

  1. I absolutely love your hair! It is gorgeous! I have a question for you. I’ve been natural for a year and a half. For the most part I wore kinky twists in my hair and it grew drastically but after I took them down, I didn’t know how to care for my hair and I damaged it by trying to straighten it with heat. It was after that that I found this wonderful community of people with natural hair, such as yourself, that had so much wonderful knowledge. My question is, even though my hair is continuing to grow, should I trim my damaged ends completely? I’ve been trimming a little bit at a time, but I don’t know if that’s helping. Thanks in advance for any advice you are willing to provide.

    July 24, 2013 at 7:34 pm

  2. First, I would like to say thanks so much for the kind words and compliment. 😉

    Next, I’m not particularly sure if I would just cut off all of my hair unless I have severe split end damage from the heat; otherwise, I would only gradually trim my ends as fast as it is growing at the root. Understand, if you took this route your hair would appear to be at a standstill as far as length is concerned for awhile since you are trimming your ends at the same rate of growth, but your hair will be working toward becoming healthy again.

    For me, that would be perfectly fine so long as the long term health of my hair isn’t threatened by this gradual “damage-rid” trim. Focusing on your hair’s overall health would be your best bet. If the only thing that is a lasting effect of using the heat are a lot of wavy-appearing strands rather than curls, then I would just trim a little bit at a time…if any of that heat damage led to split ends I would do a MINIMIZING CUT rather than a trim. With a cut-if there are split ends-you should be able to get rid of those damaged ends without any of your hair becoming further damaged up the shaft…once again, I would only cut my hair if the heat damage led to severe split ends.


    1. I would start deep conditioning my hair one to two times a week.
    2. I would focus on my ends constantly…when moisturizing and when sealing.
    3. I would try to dedicate a day or two during the week where I am wearing medium-sized
    twists all over my head covered with a pretty and fashionable scarf to allow time for
    resting and for my ends to be tucked away from the elements.
    4. The majority of my styles for at least the next six months would be protective [mini two
    strand twist, mini braids, extremely loose high buns with my ends tucked, moisturized
    pin and tuck styles…and you are ready know from me how endless this list can get].
    5. I would make Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my ends/roots/edges my best friend.

    ***For the next few months if you choose to slowly trim, focus on moisturizing those
    ends constantly and making protective styles 70%-80% of your focus-This is key***

    I previously wrote about the L.O.C. method, which is where the application process of sealing moisture is done by ensuring that Liquid-Oils-Conditioners (Butter) are applied in that order EVERY time when handling your hair. I would probably even incorporate both the L.O.C. method and the Baggy method simultaneously for best repairing results.

    I understand that it may be frustrating or even scary…but you don’t need a schedule to decide to have healthy hair…you start with baby gradual steps and by continuously improving your regimen…if consistent…this always leads to purely healthy luscious hair.

    Hope my response was helpful, take care!

    -The Brown Truth

    July 26, 2013 at 1:05 am

  3. Also, stay away from that heat GIRL! Lol, no seriously…part of my success has come from no heat for over 24 months…and I plan to go another 12, up to 36 months where I may do my first blow out. The ‘no heat no chemical’ rule works wonders with natural hair. 😉

    -The Brown Truth

    July 26, 2013 at 1:16 am

  4. Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate you taking your time to give me all of this information. I’m going to take your advice and continue to trim for now. I am working towards healthy hair and not too focused on length right now. Again thanks for all of this wonderful information. 🙂

    July 30, 2013 at 1:28 am

  5. Girl, you posts are fantastic and hilarious, lol lol lol, love it, keep it coming!!!

    October 17, 2013 at 12:06 am

    • Thanks lady! I try to entertain and inform simultaneously…thanks for the support and encouragement. It means a lot!!!

      -The Brown Truth

      October 17, 2013 at 5:37 am

      • Anytime girl, keep it up!!!

        October 17, 2013 at 4:15 pm

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