The Perfect Fix…For A Natural-Haired Beauty…

Remember to SPOIL “Her”- Your Fro Needs Love Too!

Hello Brown Truth Tubers!!!


It’s been a busy beginning of the second half of the year. I just wanted to take a moment from my very all over the place life right now to share my current look, updates and words of advice:

The “Fro”

She’s fine and have recently reached 12+ inches all around!

The “Journey”

I finally made 27 months post relaxer, which means I am exactly 27 months natural…I do not count from my big chop start date…as I feel that can be really misleading as many naturals transition long before that…their length beyond the chop isn’t always the true length of that time span…SO…I am exactly 27 months past the moment I started letting my hair grow out of my scalp unaltered/manipulated!!!

The “Naturaltude”

It couldn’t be better! I love being natural…the beauty of my hair and my confidence shines right through!

***********************************WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT*********************************

Hang in there…time will become your best friend…meanwhile…back in your current reality, enjoy the real moments your hair is giving you right NOW!

***Until Next Time***

The Brown Truth


Thanks for supporting me! Be creative and share the positivity of the Natural Hair World!

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