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Sneak Peak…2014 Natural Hair Talk…#ThatBoom

Sneak Peak...2014 Natural Hair Talk...#ThatBoom

Hello Brown Truth Tubers!

I’ve been away for a while but it’s been an extremely busy school year and in about three more weeks, I’m all yours again…to be free to write my blog posts and to continue the dialog on our bomb natural hair!



-The Brown Truth


With ‘Natural’ Being The Key Word…

Healthy Ends

^^^Example of how water, butters, and oils make my hair look/feel^^^                                                                                                                                                                    Brown Truth Natural Hair Moment #6:

There’s no need to put anything else in your hair.

I like to keep it simple and use in moderation:

Water, Butters, and Oils [in that order].


1. Is the best thing you can do everyday for your hair.
2. Is inexpensive.
3. You can NEVER get enough.
4. Is beneficial at EVERY stage of any regimen.
5. Is a Natural’s Best Friend!


1. You don’t have to worry about cholesterol with this kind.
2. Provides moisture; aids with any kind of sealant.
3. Gives your hair that ‘Oh so smell good fragrance’.
4. Helps with the manipulation of your hair, wet or dry.
5. Balances out that shine and sheen we all love our hair to have.


1. Penetrates the hair shaft better than any other moisturizing agent.
2. Keeps your hair detangle-ready.
3. Can be used as a moisturizer, conditioner, fragrance, heat protectant, growth aid, shall I  go on?
4. Provides vital nutrients that the hair constantly needs to flourish.
5. Is easy to personalize into your homemade natural hair products.

Healthy Hair Loves Water

^^^Healthy Hair. Loves-WATER, BUTTERS, AND OIL^^^

-The Brown Truth

“…How Did You Get Your Hair To Do That…?


^And Here’s The Look On My Face When I Hear This Question^

                                                                                      Brown Truth Natural Hair Moment #3:

Many things are brought to your attention when you are natural, particularly the types of styles you are able to successfully do when your hair is in a natural state. I have technically only been “natural” for about eight months, even though I do count my post relaxer time as my primary natural journey which is coming up on 23 months in a couple of weeks.

However, many people come up to me often and ask, “How do you get your hair to do that?”…these are usually the same individuals who I’ve told about being natural or going natural and their response is always something along the lines of…”Oh I can’t do that, I’d be looking crazy”…or “natural hair isn’t for me girl”….and my all time favorite…”I’m fine with my relaxed hair, I’ve never had a problem with the health of my relaxed hair”-can we say OXYMORON-you can agree or disagree, it really does not matter, but I do not believe your hair can be healthy in any way, shape, or form, while it is in a relaxed state.

Granted there are those individuals who have that thick-looking and long relaxed hair that seems to never get damaged right? I don’t care who you are, or how gorgeous or beautiful you think your “thick” relaxed hair is…eventually…any chemically treated Afrocentric hair will meet its downfall because simply…it’s not meant to be that way and will eventually become broken and exhausted.

Well back to my point, it gets irritating when the people who are so awed and amazed by the thickness, health, and beauty of your natural hair are the same women who are too scared to admit that they’re scared of going back natural, or are in denial that the illusion of healthy hair is not a component of their mindset.

So, my response is usually, “…so you want to talk genetics…” or “…well I just grew it out naturally…”…well I’m just kidding I don’t say that, I know those responses sound extremely sarcastic, but that’s usually what I want to respond with, however; my actual response is usually “…well I’m natural now and this hairstyle is just one of the benefits of having naturally curly hair…”

Tell me your experiences with this constant question from non-naturals. Are your responses similar? How do you drop your natural hair knowledge?

-The Brown Truth

Whenever In Doubt…Rock The ‘Curly Fro’

I Can Make Anything Hit Picture Session Five                                                                                      Brown Truth Natural Hair Moment #2:

…little did I know that 22 months ago, the experience with my hair and the discovery of a new found freedom would change my life. I know-though few like to admit it-that we as Black women have some fears about how we may look with our natural hair…some of us have never even seen it before, outside of the occasional childhood pre-relaxer picture.

There’s nothing wrong with wondering how you may look or how you may adjust to having natural hair…it’s a part of life…change that is…and we all…at some point or another have some type of fear of the unknown…in this cause…the realm of the ‘hair unknown’…this is perfectly okay…in fact…I have found in my own experience…the more afraid you are…the more your new found love for being a returned natural starts to teach you about the things you’ve overlooked your whole entire life.

So, my message for today…or my Brown Truth Natural Hair Moment #2:

Whenever in doubt…rock the ‘curly fro’…you’ll never go wrong…just a little wild…and exotic…

-The Brown Truth

The Brown Truth

“If you love it…it will grow”

(natural hair of course!)