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“Surfacing Natural Hair Pet Peeves…”

                           —I Am Not Even Going To Try To Understand It Anymore—

I sometimes find myself quietly annoyed at naturals/nonnaturals who constantly stop me or directly ask me how I have gotten my hair to be so healthy, thick, and so lusciously long.

I tell them: “I haven’t put heat on my hair for over two years”…”I haven’t put chemicals in my hair for over two years”…”I haven’t put color into my hair CHEMICALLY-BASED or NATURALLY-BASED for over two years”…”I do not do any style where I have to touch, slick, pull, or handle my edges constantly”…”I use a spray bottle to spritz a concoction made with conditioner, oils, and water every morning and night over my hair”…”I cover my hair nightly or whenever I lay down with satin or silk”…”I wear my hair in protective styles as much as I wear it out”…”I deep condition often”…”I trim only when my hair tells me ‘she’ needs a trim”…

Shall I go on?

Then, unsurprisingly after a few days, weeks or months…they come back and say, “Well what are you doing to that beautiful hair…or an update: “Oh, I haven’t started that regimen yet” or “I really need to try it” or “You know what, it’s not going to matter because you’ve always had long hair and it’s all genetic”…






-The Brown Truth




“Bravery Comes From Many Aspects Of Our Lives…”

***No Matter What IT Is…It Starts With Making The CHOICE***
I just discovered today that many of my debates come from the realization that some people have the need to clench to laziness.

I Despise Laziness…I Easily Become Irritated When Seeing It.

I don’t believe in excuses…sure there are always going to be obstacles and setbacks…in fact many…but if you’re not even trying…then don’t even attempt to suck up any of my oxygen complaining…I’m just going to look at you and say…well…that’s what usually lead to the many debates I have with people…

Don’t like it? This is all the more reason why they’re in a stasis…

If You Want Something…Put In The Time To Earn It Gradually

Just Some Examples:

1. Do your own hair to create the health in it you seek
2. Get off your butt & workout daily to lose lbs- even just 15 min.
3. If you need a slimmer bottom…work on the bottom
4. If you need to lose the top…WORK on it…and do CRUNCHES
5. Want a better job…avail yourself to the qualifications
5. Want to accomplish a goal…write the list and stick to it
6. Waiting on a dream to come true…have faith and create it
7. Want to live a long healthy life…BE healthy and don’t cheat it
8. Want to encourage others….be the prime example
9. Want to travel…start with a passport and work toward the rest
10. Want to be aware…more informed-Read…experience culture

“Your laziness is not a factor in my own efforts or success.”

-The Brown Truth

“Protective Styling…How Important Is It…?”

“I believe protective styling can not only be beneficial for growth…but also alluring.”

-The Brown Truth


What is the purpose of protective styling?

Protective styling is crucial for not only a natural, but also any women who has to wear her hair out into the environment. Having a style, any style rather, that shields your ends from being frequently exposed and touched will in time not only contribute to the continued health of your hair…but it will also contribute to the continuous growth of your hair as well.

If you are constantly touching, pulling, or styling your hair, this inadvertently causes friction and splitting to occur on your ends, which will eventually lead to breakage (which is the number one culprit to length retention).

How often should you wear a protective style?

Personally, I wear my natural hair in protective styling more than I wear it out. It’s a personal preference, and I often enjoy the exoticness of the types of styes I can do with my multi-textured hair.

I love the way I can do the coolest style ever-where my ends are protected and I am not constantly having to touch it-and it lasts for weeks…and still looks like I just did it, even while taking it down.

The only reason I usually never go past two to three weeks for any of my “homemade” protective styles is because I am keen on deep conditioning my hair-within that time cycle-faithfully. Never have I not deep conditioned my hair at least every two to three weeks; many times I am doing a hot oil treatment within that same time span.

Are all protective styles boring?

First, if the question as to whether or not protective styles are boring is on your mind…then…I am definitely the wrong person to be asking. I am pro’ protective hair everything. I absolutely love anything that contributes to the health and growth of my hair.

SO, with that being said…none of MY protective styles that I’ve ever done-since being natural-have EVER been boring…this is not up for debate. The proof is in the pudding…here is a snapshot of the different protective styles I’ve sported since going natural:

                                                                                             *Just a few examples….








Do they really help to retain length?

As a blogger, I must say that everyone seems to be an expect when it comes to the subject of growing long healthy natural hair by focusing on “length retention”. Well…I can only offer my experience and firsthand knowledge.

I will like to start by saying that my hair does not follow the estimated expectation of 1/2 inch of monthly growth. I have never taken any super vitamin or hairfinity, or any of those advertised products that advances growth.

What I have done is create a consistently effective regimen. In a previous post from a few months ago I spoke about simplicity and consistency. The main components of my regimen are: WATER, OILS, AND BUTTERS. It’s just that simple. With any style I do (because of the texture of my hair), I make sure that water is a consistent component from beginning to end, whether it’s used purely or as the primary ingredient in the products that I am using.

With that being said, I BELIEVE because of the simplicity of the natural components I consistently put into my hair, this is the reason my growth and retention rate is often much higher than the general estimation. I really don’t care if people claim it’s my genetics-and I am going to take the liberty of making this point: MY GROWTH AND RETENTION RATE WAS NOT AS SUCCESSFUL WHEN I WAS RELAXED, though I had long hair…it took most of my life to grow it-if anyone take the time to pay attention to the type of ingredients they are putting into their hair and being consistent with an effective regimen, they will find the optimum way of promoting growth and receiving retention; especially if protective styling is a part of that (depending on the texture, some naturals may need more or less of protective styling within their regimen).

Will You Run Out Of Protective Styling Ideas?

This is one of the most important questions to consider if you are on the fence about making protective styling apart of your long-term natural hair care regimen. I believe the answer is NO.

Our hair is versatile beyond belief. I have not repeated a protective style since going natural exactly 25 months ago. I have created and gathered styles on my to-do list that will fill up the next two years at least (…if I stick to my 2-3 average week range that I usually wear them). This is only from the list of ideas I have developed since this year along…and…I am still catching up with all of my ideas I have listed from last year. Now, keep in mind…I don’t solely wear my hair in protective styling 365 days a year. Sometimes I like to let her out to go free, the ‘Curly Fro’ of course…and many times I love to spend time doing the high curly puffs, buns, and flexi rod sets.

Obviously, I am in love with being natural…SO naturally for me I am finding limitless solutions and options. I must admit, when your heart is into something…it seems to be neverending.

Words of advice…

If I could tell you one thing about protective styles it would be to:

“…Use protective styling as an avenue for understanding patience and having more time for you. You’re going to be amazed at the creativity you find yourself amidst…and the ball of humbleness time has made you into…”

                *Here Are A Few Pictures of my Freshly Finished Protective Style…Large Twists…







The Brown Truth

The Fro’…She Gettin’ Big Though…


What’s Up Brown Truth Tubers!

This is just a random post on how I was feeling today. If I could tell my natural-haired sisters anything about embracing your natural hair…it would be to start with yourself…love is limitless; it helps us to appreciate the smallest of things…regardless of what it is…when you see it, it’ll make you smile. “Happiness is a residual medicine, it pays for itself.” [Words From The Brown Truth] Image

#Love Your Hair and You Will Surely Love Who You Are

…I was certainly feeling myself today…

The Brown Truth


My “Shine On” Award Nomination

Shine On Award

I woke up to a wonderful graceful sharing of love. To my surprise, I read a comment from a follower who said that they loved my blog! I never expect anyone to read, like, or even respond to any of my posts…the primary purpose of my blog is to share my natural hair experiences with the world. It’s nice to have support though.

Thank you Tina from  for taking the time to choose me as one of your nominees for the “Shine On” award! I have the perfect bloggers in mind with whom I wish to pay it forward. I hope that all of nominees will visit iamnaturallykinky’s interesting blog to follow her and stay up on her cool articles like myself!


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate 5 to 10 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

Seven things about me:

1) I am a published writer (I absolutely love writing)!

2) I’ve always dreamed of traveling to New Zealand to see the mindbogglingly sketched natural

    landscapes in person.

3) I am a middle school teacher.

4) I’ve always wondered what ancient Greece was like during it’s most booming era.

5) I use to fantasize about being an Egyptian pharaoh during the peak of a reigning dynasty.

6) I dream of becoming a wife and a mom so that I could have my own beautiful family one day.

7) I am in love with my natural hair…it’s the best health decision I’ve ever made!

I nominate:


Thank you to all who dedicate their time to keep others informed and for sharing your passion!

The Brown Truth

“When I Arrive…I’m Already There!” [The Instant Boost of Confidence That ‘The Fro’ Can Create]



I feel amazing…this look is regal…unique in it’s existence…I’m never letting it go.

These were my thoughts last night as I approached the mirror to do one last style check before leaving out. I was so pumped to be trying out one of Neosoul lounges in the city. Many times I have felt that, man this isn’t my home…and I jut haven’t found my spot yet.

You know the feeling right? Well, at least those of you who have picked a new city to call home away from anyone you knew or are related to during your adult life…the feeling of emptiness though you’ve met hundreds and have crossed paths with so many…it just doesn’t feel complete until you find that spot that becomes YOUR spot.

I never understood the importance of having that social place where you feel you can go to just be you as an adult. Being that I was mostly eclectic growing up-there wasn’t even a recognizable teenage laymen term for it yet, at least where I come from-I never really just had a spot that I felt was made just for me…just for my crowd.

I’m not saying that all naturals are going to be eclectic like myself and absolutely love Neosoul music like myself….I just do…and…I just so happen to be natural. So, there’s no attempt to generalize here. I’ve always adored Neosoul music…it soft, deep, exotic tone has always seemed to just match perfectly my soft, deep, exotic personality.

Last night I surprisingly took a break from my five week consistent protective variation of twisted styles and I let HER out-the fro of course. SHE was so ecstatic to have some time out and to herself. She let her presence be known and showed me a different side-or rather-size to me that I’d never seen. It-the experience- was so wonderful. For me, it’s like a long-term reward of giving her so quiet time to herself…she got a chance to show how much she has reflected and grown-literally.

As I fixed my belt and prompted my skirt for the last time, all I could do was exhibit a slight basing smile that was relished to see that SHE-my lovely fro-had grown to be in the ‘medium fro zone’…I’ve been waiting for this moment…that feeling of seeing my reward of patience and nurture collide into one.

I’m reminded often that ‘going natural’ was the best thing I could have done to have lustrously healthy hair. Moments like these tells me that my confidence before is not even comparable to the levels of confidence I have now…it’s the bomb-being natural-I’m just feeling myself all the way.

-The Brown Truth

***In My Zone and Feeling Myself Photo Shoot—Side Eye—Below***










A thanks to my followers…


Thanks to all of you for FOLLOWING and SUPPORTING my blog!!!

The positivity and excitement is dually shared…and I hope that my posts/pics/shares make your day, enhances your encouragement, and promotes a continuance of our Natural Hair Pride.

The Brown Truth