The Perfect Fix…For A Natural-Haired Beauty…


“…Here’s to Being 30 Months Post Relaxer and Getting the New Nickname ‘Cabbage Patch Queen’ Because She’s (The Fro) is Getting Sooooooo Big!”

Sometimes…you just have to stop. Breathe. And take a break from the world. Right?

Well, what about when it comes to your hair? Do you continuously keep going through the motions out of exhaustion or do you take a chance on taking a break, and waiting to see how it can do you some good?

Though I have previously written about this topic, protective natural hairstyling, it really works and allows for you to not become overwhelmed. This is the reason, well at least for many of us, that we went natural…to aim for a healthier regimen right?

For me there was a clicking that happened simultaneously, I wanted to no longer have to rely on relaxers to manage my hair and as a matter of fact I didn’t even know why I was doing it. For most of my life I had been getting relaxers and I couldn’t even relate to the idea of being natural, let along explain to someone what it was.

The first time I saw my hair curl upon being wet it was like an outer body experience, there I was washing my hair and as it became wetter, it also became curlier…all I could think was “Wow!”…”I absolutely love it!”

Now, exactly 30 months to the day I decided I would never relax my hair again, I feel so blessed and relieved to have discovered such a world…a world where I not only feel confident and secure in my decision and experiences, but a world where I want to share it with others…a world where I can finally define what MY beauty truly is…and tell others what it is supposed to be according to well, just me.

Protective styling is an escape, a break, a way to come up with even more ideas of originality…NOW since being natural, I can almost be rest assured that no one else would hardly be able to copy off me at least all of the time…it gives me a chance to just live my life without worry and still be fashionable.

I don’t stress a lot anymore about anything hair related, I keep it very simple still and just try to bask in the path of my newly lived experiences as the newly noted “Cabbage Patch Queen” according to my older middle sister. She says, the longer my hair grows the bigger it gets and told me that I no longer am given justice from my childhood nickname, and that it was time for a remix, hence, she gave me the new nickname, “Cabbage Patch Queen“…

As of now, being noted as both The Brown Truth and Cabbage Patch Queen, I want to share a reminder of how crucial it is to have fun. I think it’s so funny that my sister fought for me to accept this new nickname she decided to give me…and who am I not to be open-minded. It is a good thing being open-minded as you embark upon this natural hair journey, I used to not be so sure why it was called a journey…but I have surely come to embrace the experience. I guess whether you think of it as a journey or not, it is definitely a lifestyle change that I plan on continuing for the rest of my life.

I feel at peace now, that I am finally me without any inhibitions. I hope that you can experience such a feeling one day as well if you haven’t already done so. I’m sorry I’ve been gone, but I’m back now!

Here’s to finally reaching 30 months post relaxer…here’s what I been up to for the last three months…:

Fro SmilinThe Fro StareThat Winked Out Smile You Playin Right Naturally Dope OriginalNaturally DopeDZA Smile FullPink SmilePink Lips Black LashesBrows Pink N TwistsThat High Top Hair Flyy Girlin' and Smilin' Flyy Girls Already Know (1200x1600)Big Hairin' and Lovin' It (300x400) Yes She's A Flybone Flyy Girl Stare       Sneak Peak Close Up   Twists from straight up View Twists from SideTwists Side Side Yes Them DrapesShe Got Them Drapes

…and here’s to the next 30 months!

-The Brown Truth a.k.a. Cabbage Patch Queen