The Perfect Fix…For A Natural-Haired Beauty…


Sneak Peak…2014 Natural Hair Talk…#ThatBoom

Sneak Peak...2014 Natural Hair Talk...#ThatBoom

Hello Brown Truth Tubers!

I’ve been away for a while but it’s been an extremely busy school year and in about three more weeks, I’m all yours again…to be free to write my blog posts and to continue the dialog on our bomb natural hair!



-The Brown Truth



How Many…?

How Many...?

I LOVE this yall!

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-The Brown Truth


The ‘Fierce Bun’ Recognition

The 'Fierce Bun' Recognition

Brown Truth Natural Hair Moment #7:

Hey All,

I just wanted to take a quick moment to share this photoset I was included in with Touch of Heaven Salon in Humble, Texas.

It’s nice to be on someone’s fierce bun list, especially since I consider myself a newly natural. I’m in the top right-hand corner with the flat twist and extremely high bun and that gorgeous smile!

I went through this crazy phase for High Buns a few months ago when I first did my big chop…I must admit, protective styling is my go-to style type of choice, simply because it makes my hair grow. Period.

Please share your fierce bun pictures with me!

-The Brown Truth


Keepin’ It Simple In Order To Make It Long…Natural Hair Of Course!

Keepin' It Simple In Order To Make It Long...Natural Hair Of Course!

Here are ten easy and natural ways to ensure your natural hair grows beautifully and long.


To be honest I have been doing protective styling for the last 22 months of not having a relaxer and my hair has grown exponentially fast…However I am switching it up as an experiment to see how fast it grows with being out, wet, and loose everyday!

I can already see that it’s growing just as fast! I will be giving an update within three months (already one month in!)

-The Brown Truth


The Brown Truth’s Two Strand Twists

The Brown Truth's Two Strand Twists

My hair is growing like a corn field. My secret: Water

Water is like butter in my hair…the moment it touches it…my curls pop like the corn in a pan…I must say…I was intimidated when I first saw my natural hair without any relaxed ends…it was scary…no really… the thought of thinking my hair would take hours to do (well…in the beginning it did…it was new)…however…once I learned the trick about water…then the rest was hair history!!!


-The Brown Truth


First Moments-The Curly Fro

First Moments-The Curly For

I absolutely love being natural…oh the patience I’ve exhibited these last two years are much rewarded with pure beauty.

-The Brown Truth